Blender 2.48 Lanzado!

20 10 2008

Desde hace algunos días está disponible blender 2.48, el programa libre y gratuito para crear imágenes y animacines en tres dimensiones, además útil para editar audio, video, crear efectos especiales, etc, algunos detalles sobre las novedades son las siguientes:

Blender 2.48

Blender 2.48 includes:

– all the work done on the Blender Game Engine and the Apricot Open Game “Yo Frankie!”,

– With much better functioning game logic editing, character animation, and Blender Material based real-time shaders.

– And as last minute surprise a Bullet physics update with Softbody support.

We also included a lot of new development in this release;

– Windows 64 bits support,

– Grease Pencil for sketching annotations,

– Sun/Sky/Atmosphere rendering,

– new modifiers,

– and an improved text editor with Python API support.

– And last but not least, an enormous list of open bug reports were handled.

You can get many of Blender’s Materials also drawing in real-time in the 3D window and the game engine, including shadow buffers! It requires a more recent 3D card with good hardware shader support.

Game logic and game level editing has been improved in many ways. Most notable are the Logic States, which allow to group logic bricks in simple”state engines” and activatate, deactivate, or smoothly make transitions between them.

Blender’s GE uses the Bullet physics library. The library has been updated to the latest version, supporting soft body dynamics. Support has been added for flat cloth or volumetric soft bodies. Bullet allows interactions beween soft bodies as well as rigid bodies and static collision bounds of all types.

The Game Engine is back, and better than ever! In this section you can read some of the backgrounds, and a collection of other GE release notes.

You can assign an RGB color to any lamp’s shadow now. Although this isn’t a feature supported “in the real world”, it’s a cool trick to allow artists to present a more realistic shading and lighting in their work (without need for GI).

As one of the Google summer projects, you can now allow an object to be “shrinked” to match/touch another object’s shape. The modifier works based on vertex groups allowing a part of a model to shrink or be projected

This new modifier has been added to provide simple deforms. It works on Meshes and Curve objects, and provides twist, bend, taper and stretch.




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